General Guidelines on Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a good thing, but it comes with a lot of changes. Your body changes, your moods change, and your lifestyle changes. A woman should be physically and psychologically prepared for these changes because they can be overwhelming sometimes. In this article, we will give you a pregnancy guide that will help you cope with pregnancy and the changes that come with it.



Exercising is very important to a pregnant mother. It makes you very flexible and ready for the day of giving birth. Please note that at this point, you are not exercising for weight loss, as you expect to gain weight when you are pregnant. You are exercising for flexibility. You need to be flexible so that your muscles can easily contract and relax when in labor.

Eat Healthy Foods

Immediately you notice that you are pregnant, you must choose what you eat and drink carefully. A developing fetus gets food and nutrients from its mother. This means that you should take the right meals for both you and your baby. Avoid processed foods. Instead, take wholemeal cereals and lean proteins. Take food rich in folic acid and drink a lot of water. You need a lot of calcium throughout your pregnancy period. Therefore, take a lot of sardines, broccoli, and cheeses. You also expect to have food aversions and cravings during pregnancy. However, this is not a reason for you not to have a balanced diet.

Do Not Travel Too Much

If you love traveling, you may have to postpone your travels until you get your child. This is because traveling for long hours is associated with miscarriages especially in the first trimester. It also leads to exposure to radiation especially if you are traveling by airplane. Radiations such as x-rays have adverse effects on the health of both the fetus and its mother.

Avoid Smoking & Drinking Alcohol

If smoking is bad for you and you are an adult, think of its effect on a fetus. Smoking and drinking alcohol have serious detrimental effects on the growth and development of your unborn child. They lead to stillbirths among other birth-related complications.

Visit Your Doctor Whenever in Doubt


When you are pregnant, you must get rid of guesswork in your life. Whenever you notice something strange, do not take herbs or painkillers. Visit the doctor immediately. You want to be in the pink of health. If you are bleeding, for instance, get in touch with your doctor immediately

Choose the Clothes You Wear Carefully

It is also important to choose the clothes you wear carefully. For instance, you expect your breasts to be tender during pregnancy, and thus you should wear supportive bras. You want to keep them in good shape even as they undergo several changes.

Written by
Jerry Jones