Wellness Beats Fatigue – How To Improve Your Wellness

Modern age glorifies being busy, and the average living tempo is extremely fast. Chasing careers and balancing between business and private life can be quite challenging, especially for women.
There come the days when you wait long for vacation or at least longer weekends and a chance to refill your energy sources, catch up some sleep and refresh your mind, but the schedule simply doesn’t allow you that comfort.
The big goal remains coming up with some strategy that will provide you with easy ways to energize and keep yourself physically up to all tasks, but without slowing down, getting extra sleeping hours or ten days of holiday.
wake upKeep your bedtime and time for waking regularly. It doesn’t necessarily have to be going to bed early, just stick to the approximately same timing, even during the weekends. This will keep your biorhythm in order and keep your body away from dramatic changes in physiology.

The right diet

Right next to the healthy way of sleeping, you need to adjust your diet to work as your ally in fighting the fatigue. Avoid getting really hungry, but also avoid overeating. Both will drain you and make you feel more tired than you are after eating. Split your daily amount of food into several meals and make sure the food you eat is rich in proteins and long – burning sugars. This will keep you away from boosting your energy levels with highly caloric food.


waterFuel your body with enough liquid, particularly with water. Dehydration can easily make you feel exhausted, and the problem is solvable within few minutes. Instead of pure water, you can use lemonade or squeeze any citrus to keep you highly refreshed.

No alcohol and smoking

smokingIn the same context, avoid consumption of alcohol, at least in significant amounts. All the symptoms of a hangover are usually due to dehydration, and neurotropic influence of alcohol and the body needs at least a day or more to regenerate from heavy drinking. Similar “no – no’ goes for smoking. The more oxygen you get into your lungs and brain, the more awake and energized you will feel. Get rid of this bad habit and especially stay away from smoking before bedtime.

Remove caffeine from daily consumption

Caffeine is often used as an energizer and a way to start your mechanisms early in the morning. The truth is that it does have a boosting effect, but until you start exaggerating with the daily amount of it, then the cost – benefit balance outweighs to “cost” side.


exerciseWhen feeling drained after a long and stressful day, you probably feel like lying down and staring at ceiling for hours. It may sound paradoxes, but this is the moment when you should do some stretching and exercise for an hour. If exhausted, at least take a walk for half an hour. Keeping your body moving will appear as suffering for a brief moment, but till the end of the process, you will feel …