Foods for your skin

Can your diet affect your skin? This question has been floating around for a while, and the answer is yes. Your diet can affect you, everything you eat will be reflected on your body and your skin, especially on your face. Here, we have listed several foods that are good for your body and also for your skin.

chocolateDark chocolate

Although this sounds unusual, in moderation dark chocolate is known to help with chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. This sweet treat is also known to hydrate skin and improve blood circulation while also reducing stress, which these are all great benefits for your skin. Experts suggest eating a small portion of dark chocolate every day to reap the skin benefits and also avoiding the weight gain.
Tip: If eating chocolate is not to your liking, you can buy a cocoa drink, or maybe adding some cocoa powder to your protein shakes.



Fish that contains a lot of omega-3 fatty acids can also help you maintain your heart and skin health. Not just omega-3, fish also contains vitamin E, which is considered an essential vitamin to protect your skin. Eating fish will help you with dry skin, redness and even inflammatory, which is known to be the cause of acne.
Tip: There are tons of fishes on the sea, do not stick to one fish, there’s a lot of options to pick. Fishes that are known for a lot of omega-3 fatty acids are anchovies, salmon, and sardines.

Almond milk

A lot of research shows that dairy products could worsen acne, wrinkles and even rashes. When drinking coffee or making cereal, you can use almond milk instead.
Tip: Almond milk can cause you a bit more than regular full cream milk, you can make your own almond milk which will save you some money and to ensure that you’re getting the freshest milk.


It is no big shocker that drinking water is good for the body and skin. Drinking enough or a bit more of the recommended suggestion could make your skin appear more radiant and less wrinkled, and also help you cut calories instead of soda and juices.
Tip: If you’re bored with regular water, there’s a lot of water-infused recipes that you can try. The favorites are water infused with lemon or apples, but you can mix and try to find what you like the most.


veggiesAll sorts of veggies are good for your skin; they are packed with vitamins and nutrients, including vitamin A and C. They can go on your salad, blended into a smoothie, baked, steamed, the choice is limitless
Tip: go to your local market to get the best price for your fresh vegetables.…