Yoga – cure for the stress

Yoga is an ancient Indian technique which refers to the physical, mental, and spiritual aspect of the men, on one side, and, on the other, it is closely connected with the forces of nature. Yoga consists of practical exercises for the mind and body. Exercises for the body, asana, are certain physical positions and exercise of the mind, pranayama, are breathing. They all together have a positive influence on the human body. Some physical exercises are extremely complex and hard, so they aren’t recommended for beginners.

How should you start with yoga?

yoga roomTo begin with these exercises, you will only need a good will and desire. Before you go on a first class, you should know that yoga isn’t competitive discipline, the only person you will be competing is yourself. It is recommended that during the class you only take these exercises as long as you are comfortable. When you feel the pain in the muscles and joints, it’s a sign you should stop. With the time, your body will become more flexible and so will the exercises become easier. Considering the breathing exercises, don’t expect to do everything properly in the first class. With the help of a good teacher, you will establish the balance between the mind, body, and the soul.

How often should you practice yoga?

yoga classThe frequency of these exercises depends on how many time, discipline and will do you have. Once a week is a minimum to keep the balance in your body, twice a week is an optimum when the progress is already noticeable and three times a week is for those who want to work on themselves.

Yoga improves your health

This skill gradually changes the level of your health and energy towards better. Yoga combines all the aspects of human body, not only physical but emotional and mental.

Changing the focus with yoga brings you release

womenIf a person only observes one simple reaction of his body, breathing, he will notice that he automatically transfers attention from one problem to one simple activity of his body that occurs 24 hours. You are focusing on something else, besides your problems, and that is like anesthesia for the mind.

The breathing calms your nervous system

Slow and easy breathing has a beneficial influence on your mental state and calms your nervous system. It relaxes the body, stops the secretion of adrenaline, slows down the blood flow and heart rate.

Stop a headache by practicing yoga

womenYoga is extremely good for a headache which is often a result of big mental activity and the stress. With the help of breathing, you can divide the excess of the energy and get it out of your system. Breath is the bridge between the body and the mind, which means it can influence on both.

Yoga slows down the aging and improves life

During the yoga exercises, you fall into deep concentration which brings you mental stability. Yoga is precious rest from everyday activity. With the time increases the feeling of the commodity in your body, you will begin to feel happier and more eager for life, have a bigger self-esteem and sense for creativity.